Seed for Dairy, Beef and Small Grain
We back the seeds we sell through our own testing and results
Increase Milk Per Acre
Put our experience as a Dairy Owned Company to work for you
Increase Beef per Acre
Greater quality product - Greater your return

Dairy Owned Forage Seed Company


All Silage varieties that we offer have been proven on our farms for yield and quality. Not a quarter-acre test plot. We are locally grown and locally tested.


We want to make sure they will perform in a commercial environment. We also go one step further and make sure that your animals will perform using our lineup.


We test yield and quality annually and only the best performers are what we offer. Every variety has been put through our own cows and only the top producers are what we offer.

RSS operates seed dealerships for Partners Brand Seeds, Alforex Seeds, and TriCal Forage Seeds. 

We also work very closely with multiple Seed Suppliers in the Rocky Mountain Region to ensure that we offer the highest quality seed and genetics for the most affordable prices.

Our compost is of the highest quality. It is meticulously crafted with a focus on consistency and sound soil science.

Sustainable soil management is a critical component to healthy plant growth.

Quality Thru Experience

In today’s top performing dairy and beef herds, quality forages matter.
If you can get quality forage up in a bale or silage; think how much money you could save on supplemental grain costs.
The other factors that you already know is your animals can only eat so much Dry Matter a day. So why not get the best forages in them as well, to help them produce to their potential?

When your animals are eating high quality forage your costs go down dramatically as production and livestock health improves.

Let us help you with your forage program and assure you high toning, better quality feed for your livestock. Our team has a passion to see other farmers succeed by helping them find the true potential of there forage program. In short we want to help you maximize your milk or beef per acre for better returns.