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We choose varieties that perform on our farms, so we can stand behind their performance on yours.

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We Offer Bulk and Wholesale Options
We have bulk and wholesale seed options. Seed is either packaged in 2000lb totes or in bulk grain trailer loads. Click to learn more and see our bulk pricing and freight options.

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We Pass Our Savings On To You
We utilize our strategic partnerships and inhouse manufacturing to develop efficient and cost effective ways to bring products to market, passing the savings on to you. 

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I can't say enough about the performance of Sy Ovation Wheat from this company. It's been a game-changer for my farm. The yield was outstanding, and the quality was top-notch. I'm impressed and grateful!

Mike A

Sy Ovation Wheat

The PB 7311 corn seed from this company has consistently produced high-quality silage for my dairy operation. It's evident that their seed selection and expertise make a real difference. My cows love it, and so do I!

Robert T

Corn for Silage

I've been working with this company for years, and their knowledge and service are unparalleled. Their team is always available to answer my questions and provide valuable insights. I trust them.


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