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Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted business consisting of large-scale dryland and irrigated farming, custom farming, compost production, seed projection and cleaning, and trucking divisions.

Revolution Soil and Seed is a family owned business that started off as a small dairy support farm and through hard work and big dreams has turned into the company it is today. 

RSS contributes our company’s success to the success of our customers.  

By offering a diverse product line and services we aim to assist our customers succeed in a multitude of areas.  We offer our knowledge, soil amendments, seed, custom farming and transportation solutions; Revolution Soil and Seed can help you increase your milk/beef per acre.

Quality Through Experience

In today’s top performing dairy and beef herds, quality forage matters. if you can get quality forage up in a bale or silage; think how much money you could save on supplemental grain costs. 

Our team has a passion to see other farmers succeed by helping find the true potential of their forage program. 

We are a Dairy Owned Seed Forage Company

Revolution Soil and Seed is not only a seed company.  RSS was founded by a Dairyman and we now operate a 5,000 acre farm from Northern CO to Southern Wyoming.  Revolution Soil and Seed is born from the same cloth as our customers.  We farm, we raise cattle and we use and trust the same products we sell.

We offer a variety of products and services designed to help you choose the best crops for your operation.  We’ve planted it, harvested it, hauled it and fed it and now we trust it enough to offer it to you.

Revolution Soil and Seed now has a diverse product line proven to succeed on our own farms and we want to help you succeed also.


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Please Reach out so we can discuss how Revolution Soil and Seed can help with your Cattle Production Goals!

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