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Revolution Soil and Seed

Revolution Soil and Seed is a versatile enterprise encompassing several divisions, including large-scale dryland and irrigated farming, custom farming, compost production, seed projection and cleaning, and trucking.


This family-owned business began as a small dairy support farm, but with dedication and ambition, it has grown into the thriving company it is today.


RSS attributes its success to the success of its customers, and aims to support them through a diverse product line and range of services.


Offering expert knowledge, soil amendments, seed, custom farming, and transportation solutions, Revolution Soil and Seed can help customers maximize their milk and beef yields per acre.

What We Do​

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural supply and crop seed company that strives to find successful and efficient ways to increase crop yields and profits, while nurturing the land, cattle and those we work with.

RSS is uniquely situated to both test new products on our own farms located in Colorado and Wyoming and to utilize the crops as feed for our cattle operations in Colorado.  This allows us to truly test product performance from Seed to Feed in a practical setting before offering products to our customers. 

our dairy cows benefiting from the products of the crop seed we grow

Who We Are​

Founded by a 6th generation dairyman, we found ourselves adapting to changing  conditions. 

With farm ground growing scarce and input costs sharply rising, we geared ourselves to finding practical and affordable solutions for both our operations and our customers.

We are a Dairy Owned Seed Forage Company

Revolution Soil and Seed goes beyond being just a seed company.

Founded by a Dairyman, we operate a 5,000 acre farm spanning from Northern Colorado to Southern Wyoming. Our close relationship with our customers stems from our shared farming background – we farm, raise cattle, and rely on the same products we sell.

We offer an array of products and services tailored to help you select the ideal crops for your operation. With our extensive firsthand experience in planting, harvesting, hauling, and feeding, we trust our products enough to recommend them to you.

Our diverse product line has been tried and tested on our own farms, and we’re committed to helping you succeed too. Trust Revolution Soil and Seed to help you achieve success with our proven products and expertise.


Join The Team

We are actively seeking to collaborate with Independent Reps and Dealers who are enthusiastic about our growing and dynamic operation. We are also looking to hire talented individuals who share our passion for agriculture and the seed industry.

Whether you see yourself as a valuable addition to our team, a trusted partner, or a skilled sales representative, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us and let’s explore how we can work together to achieve mutual success.


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Please Reach out so we can discuss how Revolution Soil and Seed can help with your Cattle Production Goals!

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