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Our compost is of the highest quality. It is meticulously crafted with a focus on consistency and sound soil science. Sustainable soil management is a critical component to healthy plant growth. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Compost Loading Areas

We are currently loading out of site B

Site A

9743 CR 16, Ft. Lupton, CO 80621

Site B

9571 CR 20, Ft. Lupton, CO 80621
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Site C

39390 CR 34, Ault, CO 80610


Loading hours are between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday 

Site Loading areas can change, so please call our on-site manager to see where we are actively loading  Deven at 970-473-465

Compost and Top Soil Products

Screened Top Soil

Temporarily Sold Out

80/20 Blend

80% top soil 20% compost

Unscreened Top Soil

Temporarily Sold Out

50/50 Blend

50% Top Soil 50% Compost


OMRI Listed Organic Class II Compost


Our Topsoil is locally sourced river basin topsoil. Our topsoil product is a sandy topsoil that promotes adequate drainage and native plant root growth. 

This product sells out quickly, so make sure to call ahead to check for availability.

See Test Results Here




Maximize plant growth

OrganoSCAPE compost is a manure-based organic soil amendment that provides essential nutrients, microorganisms, and organic matter for optimal plant growth. 

Our product is screened to 1/2 inch minus and contains abundant micro and macro nutrients that help maximize plant growth and vigor in agricultural, landscape, garden and turf applications.

Best for:

  • Agricultural
  • Landscape
  • Garden
  • Turf


See Test Results here

Buying Compost and Top Soil

For all Compost Sales Contact Josh Hess at 970-556-5425

Or fill out the Form below and we will contact you about our Compost and Top Soil options. 

RSS wholesale products are sold by the yard and are quoted for customer pickup at one of our local RSS yard locations.

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