When Milk per Acre Matters

Quality through Experience

Being founded by a Dairy, we find ourselves adapting to changing conditions. With farm ground growing scarce and the need to maximize production to make ends meat, we have become obsessed with maximizing Milk per Acre.   


Feeding dairy cows is a complex game of juggling input costs, commodities, storing crops, growing crops, and trying to mix everything together in the most efficient way to provide the right feed for the different life stages of a dairy cow.
Revolution Soil and Seed has a unique opportunity to work with our founding dairies in order to test our products directly with the end user.  This allows us to offer products we know work not only for the cow, but for the end users bottom line.



Proven Hybrids

In selecting our Hybrids, Revolution Soil and Seed uses a 3 year trial system that tests a hybrids Milk and Beef per acre.

Excellent baseline performance

We focus on selecting and offering hybrids on their exemplary baseline performance and consistency and avoid selecting and growing hybrids based on one giant trial number.

Testing over 45,000 milk/acre

During this timeline, Hybrids must test over 45,000 Milk/Acre and 3,500 Beef/Acre during 3 consecutive years before we offer the product on a larger scale to our customer base.

Founded by a dairyman

Revolution Soil and Seed was founded by a Dairyman with the sole purpose of finding, growing, testing and providing quality crops developed to optimize cattle production. 

Today, RSS works hand in hand with our founding dairies to grow and test corn hybrids that maximize feed efficiency.  

Bring in more Revenue - partner with us

  • Add another Income Source

    Earn on every unit of corn and alfalfa and every pound of small grains; while receiving bonuses on a generous tiered bonus structure.

  • You have our Support

    Every RSS Dealer will be given both an agronomy and sales support contact and an administrative support contact to help support all aspects of your new business.

  • Increase your bottom line

    Being an independent seed provider, we are able to utilize an abundance of strategic partnerships in order to gain access to variety of genetics, ensuring we can find the perfect fit for your needs.

With rapidly decreasing farm ground, improving our milk per acre with Revolution’s crops has helped my dairy become more efficient with our feed.


Milk per Acre and why it's our focus

As Dairy Farmers ourselves, we are very concerned with multiple aspects to the farm. When it comes to the bottom line and numbers, our focus is Yield and Quality. Which is why we use Milk per Acre to calculate the ROI.


We understand that Milk Per Ton has been the primary way silage yield has been measured. But since we’d like to take in quality of milk production as well, we use Milk per acre.

You can calculate this by multiplying milk per ton by silage DM yield. Here is where we can see the success of our silage yield.

Corn is money and we all need the greatest return possible on that initial expenditure.  For Revolution Soil and Seed, the greatest return is one that maximizes both yield and quality.  With the cost of crop inputs steeply increasing and agricultural land quickly disappearing, Our goal at Revolution Soil and Seed is to continuously improve our per acre efficiency and bottom line; and we know we’re not alone. 

That’s why we will continue to strive to find new strategies and offerings that help you improve your bottom line, one acre at a time. 

Interested in discussing your Dairy's Seed goals? Reach out so we can introduce you to the RSS Sales Rep for your area

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