Quality through Experince

Being founded by a Dairy, we find ourselves adapting to changing conditions. With farm ground growing scarce and the need to maximize production to make ends meat, we have become obsessed with maximizing Milk per Acre.   

In our ever changing environment, this is the one metric that has allowed our farm and dairy to get the upper hand.   We have explored extremely high yielding hybrids that are a blast to harvest, but in the end, they become nothing more than low quality filler feed. 

We have also explored the opposite end of the genetic world that produces wildly high feed values, but very poor yields.  This is exiting when getting quality results back, until you realize you have to buy in a bunch of feed because your yield per acre was so awful. The point is, we have done the trials and had the bad years trying new genetics, so you don’t have to! Our hand picked dairy hybrids maximize our milk/acre, which allows us to maximize one of our most valuable assets, our land.

Let’s discuss your dairy’s needs and find the hybrids that will enhance your program.

With rapidly decreasing farm ground, improving our milk per acre with Revolution’s crops has helped my dairy become more efficient with our feed.


Milk Per Acre and Why It’s Our Focus

As Dairy Farmers ourselves, we are very concerned with multiple aspects to the farm. When it comes to the bottom line and numbers, our focus is Yield and Quality. Which is why we use Milk per Acre to calculate the ROI.

We understand that Milk Per Ton has been the primary way silage yield has been measured. But since we’d like to take in quality of milk production as well, we use Milk per acre.


You can calculate this by multiplying milk per ton by silage DM yield. Here is where we can see the success of our silage yield.