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Lock in your Wheat Seed

Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with next steps. You don’t have to know exactly which variety, our agronomists will discuss that with you.

We are locking in order for over 10,000 lbs at $0.36 lb.

This would be about 200 acres of dryland or 100 acres irrigated for a minimum order.

Once you submit the form, we will be in touch to finalize the amount you need and variety.

We will send a PO for you to sign that will include a shipping estimate if needed. 

We will bill you Net 30 after pickup or delivery.


You can always call us at (970) 573-0535 or email info@revolutionsoilandseed.com  with any questions or to lock in your order. 

Winter Wheat Seed Varieties

Soft White Winter Wheat

Excellent forage. 

Soft Wheat Winter Wheat

Excellent feed quality, silage and grain yield. 

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Excellent grain variety that can double as a silage piece if needed. 

Forage Wheat Seed

Forage wheat is an excellent option for dairy and beef cattle for several reasons:

High Nutritional Value: Forage wheat is known for its excellent nutritional value. It is high in protein, fiber, and energy, making it an ideal food source for cattle.

Increased Milk Production: Forage wheat can increase milk production in dairy cattle. This is because the high-quality nutrition provided by forage wheat can improve the health and well-being of the cow, leading to increased milk output.

Improved Weight Gain: Forage wheat is also a great option for beef cattle because it can improve weight gain. The high nutritional value of forage wheat can help cattle gain weight faster and more efficiently.

Palatability: Forage wheat is also highly palatable to cattle. Cattle enjoy eating forage wheat, which can help encourage them to consume more food and improve their overall health.

Versatility: Forage wheat can be used in a variety of feeding systems, including grazing, haylage, and silage. This makes it a versatile option for farmers who want to provide their cattle with high-quality forage in a variety of different ways.

Overall, forage wheat is an excellent option for dairy and beef cattle because of its high nutritional value, ability to increase milk production and weight gain, palatability, and versatility. If you’re looking to improve the health and well-being of your cattle, forage wheat is a great choice.

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