May 2020

Got Microbes?

A healthy garden starts with healthy soil and a healthy soil has an abundance of microbes. In fact, soil would not exist without microbes.

So what is a microbe? A single-celled living microscopic organism that are at the foundation to living. Bacteria, Archaea, Eukaryotes and Fungi are the most commonly referred to microbes. Microbes work with plant roots to obtain nutrients from the soil for growth and help against disease causing microbes. Microbes are what breaks down plant matter and other soil materials thus improving your soil.

Got Organic Matter?

Many times we think of organic matter as the plant and animal residues we incorporate into the soil. We see a pile of leaves, manure, or plant parts and say, “wow I am adding organic matter to my soil”. Well I am sorry to say organic material is not organic matter. Organic material is anything that was alive and is no in or on the soil. For it to become matter it must decompose. Ok so how do we promote matter over material. Again, we are back to microbes. Soil microbes also make organic matter.

So how do I promote organic matter and get microbes into my soils? OrganoSCAPE Compost

Product Spotlight: PB 8133

This is a new 111-day product that is a pioneer female crossed with a Syngenta male. It has great early vigor with upright leaves. It also has a nice flex ear and does well across multiple soil types. This hybrid can be planted at 30,000-36,000 population with no problems. The thing we like best about this product is its silage yield and quality. PB 8133 also has very affordable trait fees so in these tough times you are getting the highest quality product at reasonable prices. For our dairyman out there, we saw 27 plus tons with this product and 3,600 lbs. of milk per ton with this product planted at a population of 30,000 in our plots last year. We are very excited for this product to really standout in the years to come.

What's Revolution Soil and Seed All About?

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural company focusing on soil and seed production and sales. RSS started out as a small farm in the Fort Lupton area and has been expanding its operations to consist of Wheat and Triticale crop production, Wheat and Triticale seed production and seed cleaning. Custom Farming, Alfalfa hay production, Compost and Soil Amendment manufacturing, and exchanging Dirt and Soil Products.

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