February 2020

Prairie Dog Management

Prairie Dogs, depending who you are, could almost be considered a curse word. From destroying crops to making holes that cattle or other livestock can break a leg in they are truly a pest in the farming and livestock communities. Luckily, we have options on how to control them.

There are several alternatives for prairie dog management, including trapping, barriers, shooting, poison baits, and fumigants (poison gas). Most of the above techniques are federally regulated. When undertaking such endeavors for land management ensure the following:

  • Landowners who execute their own control must have a valid private pesticide applicator license for the Department of Agricultural (direct line: 303-869-9063) before the purchase of restricted use pesticides.
  • Rodenticides are restricted to use during November 1st to March 30th each year.
  • Grain baits and products that generate gases, are federally regulated; however, the USDA gas cartridge is not.

Be careful during the control as Western Burrowing Owls and Black footed Ferrets are often found in prairie dog towns throughout Colorado. With the presence of these animals it is critical landowners survey before using products as fines for the death of these protected animals can be assessed.

I have been controlling prairie dog farms for years and am more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact me @ Jessie Jackson 970-666-1878 or JessieJ@revss.net

What is RSS Up To?

We saw a lot of change to Revolution Soil & Seed in 2019. New site, new warehouse, new seed cleaning facility, new seed associates for TriCal, Syngenta and Partners Brand Corn and more. In 2020 RSS will be adding more warehouse space as well as on-demand seed treatments and we will be testing a new line of cutting edge mico biologicals and nitrogen fixation products. On a special note we are proud to announce the addition of seasoned Agronomist Todd Thompson to our RSS team.

Todd was raised just outside of Berthoud, Colorado on a small family pig farm where his love for agriculture was developed. He attended school in Torrington, Wyoming at Eastern Wyoming College and then finished up in Ft Collins, Colorado. Todd has been a sales agronomist for the last 8 years working with growers to help find solutions for their farm. He is a qualified supervisor for the state of Colorado and enjoys being able to watch a field go from bare ground to a beautiful harvest in the seasons. His specialty has been seed from the beginning. His favorite thought is you have to start somewhere to get anywhere. Todd, his wife Melissa, and two daughters reside in Flagler, Colorado. Todd will be reaching out introducing himself and getting to know you and your farms. 

What's Revolution Soil and Seed All About?

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural company focusing on soil and seed production and sales. RSS started out as a small farm in the Fort Lupton area and has been expanding its operations to consist of Wheat and Triticale crop production, Wheat and Triticale seed production and seed cleaning. Custom Farming, Alfalfa hay production, Compost and Soil Amendment manufacturing, and exchanging Dirt and Soil Products.

“Revolution Soil and
Seed is a family
owned farming
business with your success in mind.” 

If you are interested in any of Revolution Soil and Seed’s Products or Services contact: Jeff at 970.219.9137


Todd at 970.590.7573

For operational inquiries contact:
Jessie at 970.666.1878

For billing inquiries contact:
Debbie at 970.534.0811