CL 860 116 Day Corn


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Partners Brand Seed CL 860 is the ultimate solution for farmers seeking a high-performance hybrid corn variety that delivers exceptional yield potential and plant health. With a large full structure plant, this 116-day hybrid boasts a large ear and good grain quality, making it the perfect choice for growers who want to maximize their yields.

Its good standability and excellent disease package ensure that your crops remain healthy and strong, while its robust nature and very good plant health make it the ultimate choice for farmers who demand the best. And with its ability to respond well to medium populations, Partners Brand Seed CL 860 is a versatile full-season hybrid that’s adaptable to a range of farming scenarios.

Whether you’re looking for a corn variety that can withstand heat and drought or simply want a crop that performs well in any environment, Partners Brand Seed CL 860 is the ultimate choice. So why wait? Check it out today and start experiencing the benefits of this exceptional hybrid corn variety!

116 Day Corn

Options: Conventional

Conventional Non Treated If you would like conventional treated – please contact us

Sells by the Unit (80,000 seed bags)


CL 860 Hybrid Summary

Today we are talking about Classic 860. It’s a 116 day hybrid. It’s a large full structure plant. With a large ear, good grain quality with high yield potential. It has good standability, but sure to check it out.

Agronomics Rating
Relative Maturity 116 Days
Maturity Zones 7,8
Population Range 28-32
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Disease Rating Very Good
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Dimensions 32 × 15 × 5 in


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