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PB 7881 108 Day Corn


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Introducing the new Partners Brand Seed PB 7881 – the ultimate choice for farmers seeking a versatile and high-performing corn variety. With its 108-day maturity, PB 7881 is a reliable choice for any growing scenario, delivering excellent yields, good test weight, and superior grain quality.

108 Day Corn

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Trait Options: Agrisure GT, Agrisure Liberty Link

Sells by the Unit (80,000 seed bags)

PB 7881 Hybrid Summary


Agronomics Rating
Relative Maturity 108 Day
Maturity Zones 4,5,6,7
Population Range 24-38
Drought Tolerance Good
Disease Rating Very Good
Full Spec Sheet
Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 5 in

Conventional, Agrisure Liberty Link 3010, Agrisure GT

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