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105 Day - PB 7552 and RSS Gold

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Introducing PB 7552 from Partners Brand Corn Seed – the ultimate choice for farmers seeking a high-performing grain hybrid. Whether you’re looking for excellent yields in a corn on corn system or a diverse range of growing situations, this corn variety has you covered.



Description Rating
Seeding Vigor Excellent
Stalk Rating Very Good
Root Rating Very Good
Plant Height Medium-Tall
Stay Green Good
Heat Tolerance Good
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Disease Rating Very Good



Description Rating
Maturity Zones 4,5
Population Range 30-36
Corn-on-Corn Very Good
No-Till Usage Very-Good
Sand Rating Very-Good
Clay Rating Very Good
Loam Rating Excellent
Peat Rating Very Good



Description Rating
Ear Flex Semi-Determinate
Kernel Row Range 18-22
50% Silking 1280
Black Layer 2620
Ear Height Medium-High
Yield Excellent
Test Weight Fair
Dry Down Fair


RSS Gold is applied to all traited corn. If you would like a true organic option - you do have the option to exclude this option from conventional corn only.  A high-quality insecticide and fungicide seed treatment designed to keep your crop protected and off to a vigorous start. 

Industrial standard rate of Clothianadin insecticides. Constrains Systemic fungicides for Maximum Disease Protection. Robust against rate Pythium of and Metalaxyl to defend against Pythium and Phytophthora