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111 Day - PB 8133 and RSS Gold

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PB 8133 111 Day Corn (Size):
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Introducing Partners Brand Seed PB 8133 – the ultimate choice for farmers seeking a versatile and high-performing corn variety. This exceptional hybrid boasts exceptional yield potential for both grain and silage, making it the perfect choice for those seeking dual-purpose options.

Description Rating
Seeding Vigor Excellent
Stalk Rating Excellent
Root Rating Excellent
Plant Height Tall
Stay Green Very Good
Heat Tolerance Very Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Disease Rating Very Good
Description Rating
Maturity Zones 5,6,7
Population Range 30-36
Corn-on-Corn Very Good
No-Till Usage Very Good
Sand Rating Very Good
Clay Rating Very Good
Loam Rating Excellent
Peat Rating Good
Description Rating
Ear Flex Semi-Flex
Kernel Row Range 14-18
50% Silking 1350
Black Layer 2700
Ear Height Medium
Yield Excellent
Test Weight Excellent
Dry Down Average

RSS Gold is applied to all traited corn. If you would like a true organic option - you do have the option to exclude this option from conventional corn only.  A high-quality insecticide and fungicide seed treatment designed to keep your crop protected and off to a vigorous start. 

Industrial standard rate of Clothianadin insecticides. Constrains Systemic fungicides for Maximum Disease Protection. Robust against rate Pythium of and Metalaxyl to defend against Pythium and Phytophthora