We Provide Better Services

Our agricultural services help you decide and implement strategies for optimal soil management that will ensure the success of projects on all scales.

RSS Custom Farming

All custom farming rates are subject to an additional transportation fee of $12/mile. RSS only conducts custom farming in our local community. 

Operations Contact: JESSIE JACKSON

Compost Spreading

RSS understands that while compost is a superior soil amendment for agricultural applications, not everyone has access to the equipment necessary to make compost applications. Fear not, RSS has opened up its personal spreading equipment to the public and is happy to accurately apply our OrganoSCAPE compost using modern GPS technology. 

Liquid Pesticide and Fertilizer  Applications

Starting in the Spring of 2020 RSS will be opening up its custom spray equipment to customers. RSS is licensed as a commercial pesticide and fertilizer applicator company and in the Spring of 2020, we will be offering custom spray services to our customers.


As part of our Custom Farming services, RSS offers tillage practices including Disking and Field Cultivation. The tillage techniques that RSS offers can be used to work compost or manure into a field after application, to prep a field for planting, or to improve water infiltration for the top 8″ of soil.

Custom Planting

As we strive to become a full-service agricultural company, RSS not only provides quality seed at competitive prices, but we will also accurately plant the seed for you. With the used of our GPS guided tractor and 30′ Crustbuster hydraulic drive seed drill we can accurately plant and space your crops to help you maximize your land use and yields in irrigated and dryland applications.

Soil Analysis

Starting the Fall of 2019, we will be offering full service soil sampling, analysis and recommendations. As most agricultural specialists agree, the success of your crops, gardens, and lawns is based on the quality, nutrition, and health of your soils. RSS has seen a trend in agriculture of ignoring soil health and we strongly advise you to get to know your soil. For this reason, starting the Fall of 2019 we will work closely with growers and labs to get our customers soils properly sampled and analyzed so we can assist in making accurate recommendations for maximum plant growth.

RSS Seed Cleaning

We specialize in small grain bulk seed cleaning.


RSS Custom Trucking

All RSS custom trucking is by reservation only and our services quickly become unavailable. Please contact RSS at least one week in advance so we may adequately service your custom trucking needs. RSS provides trucking for compost, hay bales, silage, grain and local commodities.

Future RSS Services

RSS greatly values our customers and we strive to grow and adapt in a way that allows us to continually improve the services we provide. Below is a list of the services we are working on to better serve you.

Crop Consultation

As we strive to become a fully functional Agricultural Support Company, we plan to provide full crop consultation services to customers using our soil amendments and growing our seed.

Feed Nutrient Programs

Due to our successful dairy background, RSS aims to be at the forefront of dairy innovation. In the future we plan to further assist the dairy industry by offering our customers assistance with their feed nutrient systems.