March 2020

Spring Fertilization Questions

Spring planting is just about here. Are you ready to give your crops the best chance to get going?

There are many ways to do spring fertilizers and a ton of products to choose from. Let’s dive in and see where we need to start.

First, I like to have soil samples pulled. This step is crucial to help decide on the products and steps that proceed. A good relative sample will give you a base to go off of and help in the steps to come.

Second, is to look at the options of product and placement.

Are we doing a preseason broadcast application of dry fertilizer? This is a great way to apply nitrogen in higher quantity.

Do we do a strip-till program? This is a great way to put liquid fertilizer below the soil surface and prepare a seed bed for upcoming planting.

Do you apply a pop-up fertilizer in furrow with your planter? This is a great way to feed the crop right at germination and for a few weeks.

Are we doing a post emergence fertilizer program? This is good for applying nitrogen to your growing crop.

Where is your crop getting its nutrients from for the season? I believe you need a plan to make the most of your crop.

In conclusion there is no bad way to do a spring fertilizer application other than not doing one! I am willing to help anyone with ideas and bring solutions to your farm for fertilizer and or chemical. I know there are more options, but I believe these are the most commonly used practices. Good luck this spring on your crops and may mother nature bless you with a beautiful harvest.

Product Spotlight: IONfx Multicrop

IONfx contains all naturally derived microorganisms. It may be used as a seed coating or foliar applied to growing forage plants making it easy to apply and readily adaptable to your forage growing operation. It will give you a new tool to produce higher quality and higher yielding forages for your operation. IONfx has been proven in many different forage applications including wheat, rye grass, timothy grass, triticale, and corn silage. In corn silage trials, we have seen as much as 2.5 ton increase in yield with 5% better digestibility. On a wheat field that was baled for forage we saw 46% more bales where IONfx was used. IONfx promotes an increase in shoot tillering, leaf surface area and overall biomass of the growing plant, which results in an increase of carbohydrates and protein resulting in higher quality and better yields. Give IONfx a try in your operation, it will be a true profit maker for all of your forage.

What's Revolution Soil and Seed All About?

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural company focusing on soil and seed production and sales. RSS started out as a small farm in the Fort Lupton area and has been expanding its operations to consist of Wheat and Triticale crop production, Wheat and Triticale seed production and seed cleaning. Custom Farming, Alfalfa hay production, Compost and Soil Amendment manufacturing, and exchanging Dirt and Soil Products.

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