June 2020

Spring Planting Alternatives

What can I plant if I missed my corn window or had hail damage early? This is a big question we hear at RSS every year. We understand your sense of loss and empathize; but, moving on, now is the time to determine what your best alternatives are. Our first recommendation is Forage Sorghum. This single cut option can produce good tons if you’re growing it for silage. We provide two additional options that have high quality feed values for milking cows.

A second recommendation is a Sorghum Sudan grass. This multiple cut option will give you plenty of tons. The downfall is that it’s not as desirable for a dairy but it can be really good for a heifer feed lot or for a beef cow operation.

These three product options provide excellent alternatives after a stressful event. Good luck in 2020.

First Cutting On Alfalfa

Did your first cutting not perform to the level it should have? Did you see the heat and dryness affect your cutting yield? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we can help you.

Alpha Joule will help with stress mitigation by cooling it down and blocking enzymes that shut down growth. Some benefits include: phosphate solubilization through microbial activity, reduced ethylene production (associated with aging, flowering and senescence), pH regulation, reduced reactive oxygen species, and general stress mitigation. This can give you options to see 11% yield increases and possible protein increases. Call us today to discuss applications and timing. Let’s improve your cutting yields today.

Product Spotlight: Crown FX

If fall growth on your small grains has been a problem in years past we have a solution to help you. Crown FX gives you increased tillering and early fall vigor of those plants. When you see stronger growth early with this seed treatment you will see big benefits during harvest time.

What's Revolution Soil and Seed All About?

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural company focusing on soil and seed production and sales. RSS started out as a small farm in the Fort Lupton area and has been expanding its operations to consist of Wheat and Triticale crop production, Wheat and Triticale seed production and seed cleaning. Custom Farming, Alfalfa hay production, Compost and Soil Amendment manufacturing, and exchanging Dirt and Soil Products.

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