April 2020

Spring Planting

Spring is here and it’s time for another chance to plant our crops and see what mother nature gives us for harvest this year. I want to talk about the timing and strategies of spring planting. I love spring planting as it is moist and such a positive time of the year as the weather warms up and the land turns green and beautiful. It becomes a great opportunity to see our dreams come true.

Temperature. Oh, how we fight this problem every year. Our corn needs to get off on the right foot. If we plant in wet, cold conditions, we can see some major problems. The ideal soil temperature for corn germination is between 55 to 60 degrees. According to the K-State Extension corn production handbook, “Corn emergence at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit may take 18 to 21 days, while at 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, corn emerges in 8 to 10 days. Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, little, if any, germination can be expected.”

The corn crops decide yield potential very early in their life. The V2 to V4 growth stage is one of the most important times for your corn crop. Too wet soil or too dry can rob yield and hurt plant germination. We want to protect our investment and give it the best chance to bring us a great yield.

For our feed crops, as in forage sorghums we need to be patient and wait for 60 degree plus temps. I like to see this start late to mid-May or even June. If we rush, seed rot and bugs will destroy any crop we may have.

The last thing I will bring up is fertilizer for our crops. We need to be vigilant to give it a great start, but I like a slow feeding process and most crops take up majority of their nutrients later in the year. Spoon feed it and pull tissue samples to see what it is wanting. If you are looking for products that can boost yield and help lighten the fertilizer bill we have solutions to help you.


Product Spotlight: alphajoule

Are you looking for a product that can increase yield by 11% or more? What about crude protein increases up to 3%? Alpha Joule is a product that can do this and more. This is a great microorganism that will increase leaf numbers per stem and increase stem count. You will see larger leaf surface and healthier plants when applied to your alpha crop after each cutting. This product helps with stress mitigation in your fields. Are you ready for more tons?

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