January 2020

Happy New Year!

We, at RSS, would like to start off 2020 by wishing everyone a happy and successful new year. We know 2019 was a tough year for the farming community. Let’s hope 2020 is the year that sets agriculture on a bull run. We are proud to say we are farmer owned and have the farmers best interest in our minds with all the products we offer. Our goal here at RSS is to bring you high quality products at reasonable prices. With us doing this we are hoping you not only have better yields and higher quality crops, but better input costs and returns as well. Whether you farm 5,000 acres or have a small garden our high quality OrganoAG compost will help maximize your yield at a competitive price.

Stockpiling Compost

We are staying busy even in the middle of winter. RSS is making and stockpiling compost for this spring and summer when landscaping really drives demand. Our goal for this year is to be able to meet all of our customers’ needs without any delays. With this said if any of you know a big order is coming up please let us know as soon as possible so we can guarantee product availability.
RSS also has delivery availability for large orders now. Please contact us for your compost or seed hauling needs.

RSS will be traveling to Puerto Rico this month. With our partnership with Partners Brand we have a test plot of corn we are going to evaluate. RSS is committed to getting the best hybrids available to our customers. We are able to gain a growing season by using Puerto Rico’s year-round warm weather. Please check out our seed brochure to see what we have available for next season. I know you have heard this before as well, but please get your orders in early, so we can guarantee the product you want.

Benefits of Agriculture Compost

We hear it all the time. Why are you charging for manure? Well there are some big differences between compost and manure. We have a proprietary blend we use to make our OrganoAG compost. We can bring you nutrients in 1 ton of compost equal to 7-10 ton of raw manure. Think of all the reduced hauling and spreading charges that can do for your bottom line. Also, how much less wear and tear on your equipment and all the fewer passes through your field has got to help with less compaction. Our OrganoAG compost analysis changes slightly from batch to batch but on average, per ton, it will bring you:
  • 19 lbs of N
  • 19.2 lbs of P205
  • 31.2 lbs of K
  • 34 lbs of Ca
Plus, so many other micro nutrients that your soil needs to produce top end yields. Our OrganoAG is also weed free and OMRI certified. It will also add organic matter back into your soil to help with water holding capacity. Give us a look and contact us to see what pricing would look like for your farm.

What's Revolution Soil and Seed All About

Revolution Soil and Seed is a multifaceted agricultural company focusing on soil and seed production and sales. RSS started out as a small farm in the Fort Lupton area and has been expanding its operations to consist of Wheat and Triticale crop production, Wheat and Triticale seed production and seed cleaning. Custom Farming, Alfalfa hay production, Compost and Soil Amendment manufacturing, and exchanging Dirt and Soil Products.

Revolution Soil and Seed is a family owned farming business with your success in mind.”

New Addition To Our Lineup Of Seeds

More exciting news is that RSS has teamed up with our local cooperative, Agfinity to offer Croplan Alfalfa and Sorghum seed. RSS has hand-picked specific varieties that we feel are best for yield and quality. We have a product for your every need. Whether it is a 1 cut BMR sorghum you need or a multi cut sorghum for your heifers, we have it all. For alfalfa’s we have the best HarvXtra has to offer all the way to high quality conventional varieties. RSS is committed to only offering the highest yielding and quality products on the market and if we are not confident enough to say that we will only sell you what we put through our own herd. Give us a call and let us help you produce more milk for less.

If you are interested in any of Revolution Soil and Seed’s Products or Services contact:
Jeff at 970.219.9137

For operational inquiries contact:
Jessie at 970.666.1878
For billing inquiries contact:
Debbie at 970.534.0811