About Us

"Born from the same cloth as our customers. We farm, we raise cattle, and we use the same products we sell."

Our Story

Founded by a 6th generation dairyman, we found ourselves adapting to changing conditions. With farm ground growing scarce and input costs sharply rising, we geared ourselves to finding practical and affordable solution for both our operations and our customers.

Today, we offer a variety of products and services designed to help you improve your bottom line, one acre at a time. With the help of our strategic partnerships, we have put together an innovative and proven lineup of Small Grains, Alfalfa, Corn, Soil Testing, Compost and Fertilizers all designed to provide our customers with a holistic product lineup designed for their specific needs. 

Revolution Soil and Seed is unique from competitors in our space because we have the ability to use and test the products we sell on our own operations before offering them to our customers. This allows us to weed out products that underperform before they ever reach out customer base. 

Not only do we farm 4,000 acres, but we work closely with out sister companies that are comprised of two large dairies, a dry cow facility and a calf ranch housing nearly 25,000 cattle.

What We Do

Revolution Soil and Seed is a fast-growing agricultural supply company based out of Fort Lupton, Colorado. 

RSS is currently comprised of 5 divisions that include: 

1. Our Compost Division currently produces about 100,000 yards of class 2 compost annually. 

2. Our Seed Division currently focuses on selling Small Grains, Corn, Alfalfa, Sorghum, and Foliar Fertilizers. We currently service customers in: Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 

3. Our Trucking Division currently operates 3 full time semi’s and focuses on supporting our other divisions and our sister companies. 

4. Our Colorado Farm Division is currently comprised of 2,500 acres in the Fort Lupton, Firestone, and Fredrick areas and offers services like silage packing and custom baling. 

5. Our Wyoming Farm Division is comprised of 15 pivots in Wheatland, Wyoming. Our Wyoming Farm also operates a small beef cattle operation.

Our Mission

"Provide reliable and knowledgeable service, while offering an innovative product lineup that boasts quality and affordability."

Meet Our Team

David DeHaan


Lori DeHaan


Josh Hess



Mike Walsh

Director of Operations for Seed/ CO Farm Division and 
Seed Sales CO Front Range


Kevin Miller

Director of Operations for the Compost and Trucking Divisions


Josh Steinsick

Director of Operations for the Wyoming Farm Division


Open Position

Director of Marketing and Ecommerce sales


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