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  • Fertility Matters

    Fertility Matters

    Enhancing Crop Productivity through Effective Management In the world of crop production, fertility stands as a cornerstone for achieving optimal yields and maintaining crop quality. Experienced growers like you understand...
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  • Fungus Common to Corn

    Fungus Common to Corn

    Combat Corn Fungus by Staying Alert Farmers, by their very nature, are at the mercy of the weather. Sun, wind, frost, and especially rainfall, all play crucial roles in determining...
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  • Sorghum


    A Resilient Crop for Livestock Feed Sorghum, a versatile and resilient crop, has gained significant attention in recent years as a valuable resource in both agriculture and livestock farming. We...
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  • Winter Wheat Seed Q and A

    Winter Wheat Seed Q and A

    Welcome to our latest Q&A post, where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about winter wheat farming and production. As one of the most important cereal crops...
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  • Unleash Crop Yield Potential

    Unleash Crop Yield Potential

    by Understanding Nutrient Availability When You are Sitting on Gold but Can’t Reach It If you ever watched the show The Curse of Oak Island, you’ll know the premise. There is...
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  • From Seed to Harvest:

    From Seed to Harvest:

    Maximizing the Potential of Your Crops Starting with Germination The Beginning . . . seeds Did you know that one of the most remarkable structures produced by plants is the...
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  • Optimize Your Corn Harvest:

    Optimize Your Corn Harvest:

    The Secret to Higher Yields and Lower Costs through Ideal Plant Population Are you looking to maximize the yield and efficiency of your corn crop? One of the key factors...
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